EARLY VOTING:   JULY 7 – 14, 2022



Carla Tevelow

Carla is a community activist who has been advocating on issues facing Howard County over the past 38 years. Most recently she has been involved with Progressive Democrats of HoCo, HoCo Climate Action, HoCo Indivisible Immigration Action, Less Plastics Please and Our Revolution HoCo. In the past several decades she has: campaigned for several democratic candidates,  worked with MoveOn.org, was executive director and helped to create/develop the non-profit Teen Community Forum (an organization focusing on empowerment to the teens of Howard County), worked on the diversity committee of the county’s charrette (early 2000’s), volunteered with CAPP (Coalition for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention), was on the Consumer Advisory Board of Howard County (early 1990’s), volunteered in various childrens’ classrooms assisting teachers with their students throughout the county. Carla is looking to ensure our democratic politicians focus on citizen advocacy and environmental solutions, as well as help to grow the Howard County democratic base.

Rick Kohn

Dr. Richard Kohn is a professor at the University of Maryland, and he and his family have lived in the Oakland Mills Community in Columbia Maryland for more than 25 years. Rick has been active in promoting environmental stewardship, equity, quality education, and social justice through his activity in Indivisible, Our Revolution, Friends of Latin America, and Progressive Democrats of Howard County.  He has participated in Howard County schools, and he was a member of Calvin Ball’s transition team for education.  Professionally, Rick uses mathematical modeling to evaluate the impacts of policy choices on climate change and other environmental issues. He also used his analytical skills to explain effects of Howard County school redistricting on income demographics and its disparities.  Rick is respectful of people with different points of view and as a member of the Democratic Central Committee, will bring the analysis of specific policies to the table for Howard County residents. 

Claudia Koenig

I have lived in Howard County with my family for 27 years. We were drawn to this special county because of its progressive ideals, excellent schools and integration of nature in the various communities. I wish to help keep this county special and will endeavor to do so.

Kathy Howell

Kathy Howell, Howard County resident, and HCPSS parent, is a CMI – Spanish, nationally Certified Medical Interpreter, Qualified Maryland Court Interpreter, and professional translator. She holds a BS in Legal Studies with a minor in Government and Politics from UMUC Asia, a Keiser certificate in medical interpreting from the TFLI, certificates in court interpreting from the states of Tennessee and New Mexico judiciary court Interpreting programs, and a professional certificate in Translation from NYU.  In the past, Kathy Howell traveled abroad and lived in Germany, Mexico, Spain, and Japan.  She is also a member of industry related organizations like the American Translators Association.

Kat Uy

Kathleen Uy is a librarian who has lived in Howard County with her family for more than twenty years. Kathleen is a shop steward for UFCW MCGEO Local 1994 and she is a strong advocate for union workers. She served on the Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice and is an active member of Our Revolution and the Progressive Democrats of Howard County. She has also volunteered with various campaigns for local candidates. As a former teacher, Kathleen is an advocate for strong and equitable education in the county and hopes to work with other Democrats to achieve common goals.

Liset Rajaratnam

Liset Rajaratnam is a  grassroot activist, Hispanic leader, mother, and outreach liaison for minorities. She has done a lot of advocacy for, to and with the underrepresented people in all three states she has lived. With her progressive thinking that big business corporations are a detriment to the public good and to the Democratic process, she as a  local citizen would bring back the collective support of our public legacy: The People.

Moe Imran

Moe has been working as an auditor over 25 years for maintaining the regulatory compliance of the drug development industries especially for the Pharmaceutical Development Services.  Being an immigrant American we always knew that America is the beacon of hope.  Following  Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 Moe wanted to become more involved in inspiring people from my community for participating in the local, State and general election process.   Moe has devoted substantial time to efforts to promote the awareness of getting engaged in the public policy, so that collectively we can bring improvement to communities need. He strongly believes that if you have a deeper conviction for bringing a change for the good of the society surely it will happen one day. 

Eduardo Ribeiro

Eduardo Ribeiro is a medical interpreter working with the Latin American diaspora in Maryland. A South American immigrant, he moved to the US over two decades ago and has lived since 2016 in the Laurel/Savage area with his children, who attend Howard County public schools. A member of the Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Rights and Friends of Latin America, he has been involved in progressive social activism since high school.  A former journalist, he has also been deeply engaged in cultural and educational projects among indigenous communities in the Amazon, where he conducted research towards his doctoral degree (PhD, University of Chicago). As a HoCo resident actively dedicated to immigrant rights, he was a member of the county’s Racial Equity Task Force, which further convinced him of the need to prevent county politicians from controlling the narrative to their benefit. He believes the Democratic Central Committee should hold allegiance to the county’s residents, rather than providing uncritical support to corporate-owned elected officials. 

Francis Uy

Francis Uy is a university IT admin and former teacher who lives and works in Howard County. He grew up in Columbia and returned to it to raise his own family. Francis has campaigned for Democratic candidates and causes for 2 decades. He’s active in the local chapters of several nonprofit organizations that promote civil rights, worker rights, and anti-corruption. This spring he was elected Chair of Our Revolution Howard County. Francis believes that although politics sometimes requires compromise to implement policies, we shouldn’t compromise our ideals and principles.

Hiruy Hadgu

Hiruy Hadgu is a community activist focused on improving laws that affect land-use and zoning. As a founding member of the Progressive Democrats of Howard County, he works to bring attention to how such laws affect public infrastructure such as schools, roads, public transit, the environment, and the county’s budget. The equitable allocation of resources relies on wealthy developer corporations paying their fair share.

Jake Burdett

Jake is a 24 year old activist who has been working to try to make the Democratic Party more representative of working class people and voters since his time in college at Salisbury University, where he served as Co-President of the Salisbury University College Democrats and Vice President of MD College Democrats. Since graduating and returning home to HoCo, where he was born and raised, Jake has served as the youngest President of the Columbia Democratic Club in its long history, and is the current President of the recently-formed Progressive Democrats of Howard County.  Jake has worked on many Democratic campaigns in Howard County and other parts of the state, and hopes to continue the work of reforming the Party from within that he began while serving as Vice Chair of the Wicomico County Democratic Central Committee in college, where he was elected and briefly served as the youngest elected official in the state.  Jake graduated from Howard High School in 2016, and plans to begin law school at the University of Baltimore in the Fall of 2022.  Jake currently serves in his elected position as Second Vice Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party Progressive Diversity Leadership Council, and some of his most important issues he’d like to bring to the forefront when running for Central Committee in Howard County is ridding the local, state, and national Democratic Party of corporate influence and campaign donations, abolishing Central Committee appointments for vacancies of state offices in favor of special elections, and making sure leftist and progressive voices, ideas, and candidates are supported, and not suppressed, by the Party.

Meagan Braganca

Meagan lives in Ellicott City & is a long-time climate & environmental activist.  From 2013-2018 she served on the Sierra Club Howard County executive committee and more recently, served as an At-Large member of the Our Revolution Howard County Steering Committee.  She has played an active role in several environmental initiatives like pesticide and fossil fuel reduction.  She has also canvassed and electioneered for national, state-wide and local Democratic candidates for the past few election cycles.  Last summer, she was a founding member of the Progressive Democrats of Howard County and has been an active member in that organization.  Her current focus is in getting special interest money out of politics.  She has three kids in the Howard County Public School System.  As a member of the Democratic Central Committee, she hopes to let ALL Democratic voices matter, because currently progressive voices are pushed aside & excluded from most of the Party’s dialogue.

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